Instructions for Minors Under the Age of 16

Children under the age of 16: 

Must submit their certified birth certificate even if they have had a previous passport. It is always preferred to have both parents present to sign the application at the courthouse or post office.  However, if one parent is not available, that parent can fill out and submit form DS-3053 (Parental Consent Form).


1- Form DS-3053 must be filled out and NOTARIZED by non-applying parent. Be sure there are no     scratch-outs, and that the date of notarization matches the date of the parent’s signature.

2- Include a clear copy of the front and back of the non-applying parent’s identification shown to the notary at the time of notarization (i.e. valid driver’s license, passport)

3- Form DS-3053 must be recently completed.

4- Form DS-3053 must be original.

Form DS-3053 (Parental Consent Form)

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