Name Change – Passport Renewal

Hand-carry emergency passport service are currently available on limited basis. Processing time is 6-9 business days. Please see Austin Passport Express Fees below for Details.

All other expedited services are currently 6 weeks. To book an appointment, email: or call 512-479-0805.

We are registered with the US Department of State with over 28 years experience expediting passports in Austin, TX.  Our services provide you the proper application forms, photos, and shipping to make the process fast and easy.

Do I Qualify

1.  I can submit my most recent, undamaged US passport.
2.  I was 16 years or older when my most recent US passport was issued.
3.  My most recent US passport was issued within the last 15 years.

If the answer is “No” to any of the above questions, you will not qualify for a passport renewal, please refer to the New Passport instructions.

If the answer is “Yes” to all above questions, please continue.

What you need  –  VIEW DETAILS




Most recent undamaged U.S. Passport


Proof of Name Change


Certified marriage license, divorce decree, court order, etc. *PLEASE NOTE: Must be original, photocopies are not accepted.


Proof of Departure


For 2-6 business day services travel MUST be within 14 calendar days or 30 calendar days if a visa is required.  ACCEPTABLE PROOF OF TRAVEL: Copy of computer generated airline ticket, travel itinerary, travel agent generated itinerary, or hotel confirmation                                                 OR Business letter on company letter head Click here for Business Proof of Departure PDF sample letter. Click here for Business Proof of Departure sample letter in Word.                                                OR If traveling by personal vehicle to Mexico or Canada and you are staying with family/friends, please provide an original letter from the applicant detailing your international travel plans. Click here for a Sample Letter.                                                OR If traveling for a medical/family emergency please provide a letter explaining in detail your reason and destination address. *PLEASE NOTE: 8-10 day and 2-3 week processing does not require an itinerary. Refer to courier fees for pricing.


Application Form


NOTE: THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND CREATED ONLINE. If over one year: Please refer to Passport Renewal instructions. Within one year: Form DS-5504: Online Passport Re-Application Tips for completing form:

  • Choose COMPLETE FORM ONLINE in the lower left-hand corner
  • Upon Completion Check the Read and Acknowledge box and click Submit.
  • When you come to fees, choose “Expedited at Agency” and “Standard Delivery”.
  • On final page, click CREATE FORM to print your application. SIGN AND DATE YOUR APPLICATION.


Application Fee


If over one year: $170.00 check or money order payable to: “US Department of State”. Within one year: $60.00 check or money order payable to: “US Department of State”. *We can provide the money order to the government at no additional charge if it is more convenient for you to place all charges on a credit card.


Austin Passport Express Fee


6 – 8 BUSINESS DAYS: PLEASE CALL 512-479-0805 FOR PRICES AND AVAILABILITY • Proof of departure is REQUIRED • Travel REQUIRED within 14 calendar days STANDARD EXPEDITE SERVICES:  $125 Adult renewals only, see qualifications at top of page. APPROXIMATELY 6 weeksDOES NOT REQUIRE proof of departure • Travel DOES NOT need to be within 14 calendar days Price for standard services includes: Photos, money order fee, application review, and priority mail service from passport agency to address listed on application.

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