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When you need professional passport services, our Austin-based company will strive to meet your every need and deadline. Whether you need a new passport, to renew your expired passport, or obtain a passport for your child, we’re here to help. Austin Passport Express will walk you through the entire process, helping you get your passports when you need them.

Austin Passport Express is a registered agent with the U.S. Department of State for Passport expediting services. Service prices are all-inclusive and start as low as $125, and covers photos, money order fees, and shipping.

New Passport

First time applicant
or under age 16
or previous passport was issued when you were under 16
or passport was lost, stolen, or damaged
or previous US passport was issued more than 15 years ago
New Passport


Passport is undamaged and can be submitted with application
and it was issued when you were 16 or older
it issued within the last 15 years
you have not changed your legal name
or you can legally document name change

Renew Passport

Child’s passport

Under the age of 16 years old
and have permission from both parents or legal guardians
and must appear in person with parents or legal guardians
If one parent is unable to attend, must provide a Parental Consent Form
Child’s Passport

Lost passport

Similar to applying for a new passport but in addition to your new passport application (DS-11), you will also submit a supplemental Lost or Stolen Passport Report (DS-64). Please refer to instruction page.
Replace Passport

Name Change

If you have legally changed your name (marriage, court ordered, etc…) within the year since your passport was issued you will require a DS-5504. If over a year, please refer to the Passport Renewal instructions.
Name Change

Add Pages


Second Passport

A second passport is issued at the discretion of the US Department of State for frequent travelers who do not have time to obtain visas between trips or for security reasons.
Second Passport

Data Correction

If your current passport has misprinted data (name, gender, etc…) you may have it corrected by submitting a DS-5504. Refer to the Data Correction page for full details.
Data Correction


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